Squared - A Game of Speed

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Are you a Cat lover who loves purring and meows combined with the irresistible cuteness of cats?  Guess what? So are we and that’s why this app is for YOU! A full 4 functioning calculator that delivers a surprises with each button pressed and a surprise function that is sure to delight and feline lover is at the heart of the Meowalculator. Download today in the App Store to find out how the surprise function will delight you!


Bark! Woof! Squeak! is just the beginning of the excitement that any canine admirer will experience.  This 4-function calculator provides great usage while surprising the dog lover in all of us with a very exciting feature that is sure to excite the puppy spirit in you.  Download today in the App Store at Barkulator

An addictive app that challenges your speed.

Tap all of the green squares before time runs out. Be careful not to tap a purple square or it's game over! 

Each round the board squares and time becomes more precious. 

How far can you get?